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QBR (Cuber) - Nodr Speedcubing Blindfold

QBR (Cuber) - Nodr Speedcubing Blindfold

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Why buy a Nodr Blindfold? Put simply. They are the best speedcubing blindfolds. Here's why!
- Adjustable Strap - So you can adjust to the perfect "Noddon" tension.
- Silky comfort
- Your choice of Awesome Speedcubing Design
- The Design is fused into the fabric (it won't rub off!)
- Used by World Class Speedcubers (Charlie Eggins set a world record in one!)
- Machine Washable
- 100% soft Polyester Material
How to "break in" your "Nodr" Blindfold
When you first get your "Nodr" Blindfold it will be very flat. General use will eventually make it much more soft and bendable. You can accelerate the process by gently folding the blindfold back and forth moving down the length of the blindfold to "deflatten" the central material.


Size Chart
inch cm
Length 8.1  20.5 
Width 4.1  10.5 

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