Unofficial Oceanics Mascot 2022 Shirt Design Collection

These designs were inspired by the awesome competition that was the WCA 2022 Speedcubing Oceanic Championships. Each of the volunteer teams had a mascot and those mascots became a great fun feature of the competition.

Some fun facts about the designs.
- All 11 of the mascots are featured. Even the fish!
- Each of these designs features real scrambles from the 3x3 finals of the championships. 
- They were designed and created by Charlie's family
- There are a few special "CHEGGINS" designs that cost a bit extra (to help with getting Charlie to future competitions). One is the platypus (charlie was on team platypus) with a blindfold on (the scramble featured on that design was his OCR scramble). The other is the "GOLDEN CHEGGINS" which is a shirt that comes with a significant donation towards Charlie's efforts. These shirts are likely to be quite rare, and show support for the little chegg. Big thanks to anyone who buys one of them.