About Us

We are a family owned online speedcubing merch and apparel store with over 5 years experience in shirt and apparel design. Charlie Eggins is the most notable speedcuber in our family, and has had a hand in providing feedback and testing the apparel that comes with the swiftcubing brand. 

We are speedcubers at heart, and part of the drive behind what we do is to see others promote and enjoy speedcubing like we do. 

The store operates using high quality print on demand providers, and as such, has policies and procedures that enable customers to have a high quality experience and help us run an economically viable store. 

We are small and growing, and plan to use funds from this store to help Charlie on his speedcubing journey. 

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any thoughts or suggestings then feel free to drop us a line on the "Contact Us" Page.