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Unicorn Speedcuber Design

Smart Cube T-Shirts and other Apparel for the Speed Cubing community 

We make designs cubers love ...

How do we know? We are cubers ourselves! We are regularly heading along to competitions and love feedback and design ideas! As we grow, you will no doubt begin to see some of these "in the wild". If you do see them, let us know via our socials so we can share them with our growing group of happy swiftcubing merch owners.

If you have any great ideas for designs you want to see, then drop us a line and let us know.

  • The Unofficial Oceanic Mascot Collection is Here!

    Cute Aussie and NZ animals getting their speedcubing happening. Inspired by the 2022 Oceanic Championships.

SwiftCubing designs in the wild! Send us your clip of you wearing your SwiftCubing design to feature here.

  • Quality Products

    We use reputable print on demand companies to print and send our range of products directly to you.

  • Designs that Bring Smiles

    We love to make cubing designs that bring a smile to people's face. For that reason, we try to keep it unique, and throw in the odd "pun" or two.

  • Great Looking Designs

    We take the time to make sure that our designs are going to look good on our products

Happy Customer Highlight!

Here are the legends at CubedCommunities wearing some of our designs! Thanks so much for the support.

If you have the time, check out the wonderful work they are doing at and Check out their instagram